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Starting with the original Book of Smarts, this series has expanded to cover other areas. The author attempts to provide these works in printed formats when possible and always in a Kindle format. This allows for those with Amazon Prime memberships to use the Kindle Unlimited feature to read the book, and if they feel that it is beneficial to keep it locally on a tablet or phone to purchase it at a discount.

The Book of Smarts

This book is a 420 page reference that is intended to provide information in an easily referenced form that is helpful in a number of ways. These include daily living, education of young people who do not receive this level of information in their formal education, and for those that have decided to downsize or go off-grid or other self-sustaining lifestyles.

You will find in the Book of Smarts, references that cover a gamut of subjects; diet and foods, clothing, home ownership, basic sciences, music, art, gardening, automotive, navigation, and more. Information that may not always be available through normal means.

Need to find what type of screw, bolt or nut you have or need? Go to ‘Tools and Hardware’

Want to identify a specific flower or leaf? Turn to ‘Gardening and Animals’ 

This encyclopedic reference is a full 420 pages of things like these and more! It is fully hyperlinked throughout for quickly finding what you need.

The book is available in the Kindle format only. It can be found on Amazon here: 

The price is $7.99. If you have a Prime Kindle Unlimited membership you can access it for free.

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Just Released!

The Book of Smarts for Preppers is a powerful companion to the Book of Smarts. Take a detailed look HERE

In addition to the above references, the Book of Smarts series includes some valuable learning aids for children.
Have a look at the following ones:

Book of Smarts for Kids

This a fun aid for teaching little ones how to count. Filled with colorful graphics, puzzles and audio/video prompts (in Kindle only).

It is available in print and digital.
It is also available in Spanish and Italian.

Find it here:

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Book of Smarts for Kids – Searching for the ABCs

This is a great way for your young one to learn the ABCs. It is available in both print and digital. The digital includes videos of writing and saying the letter, and puzzles and practices for learning the alphabet order.

Print and Kindle – find it here:

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Book of Smarts for Kids – Searching for Bugs that Sing

A delightful book for youngsters teaching about a variety of insects and the songs they make. It includes a bonus section of insects that emit light.

It has full pictures, video and audio.

Kindle only. You can find it here:

Bugs that Sing
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